Tommy Caldwell on the Dunn-Westbay of Longs Peak (5.14)

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After a year of R.D.&D., BlueWater Ropes is proud to introduce the 9.1mm Icon. Heavy lab testing proves this is the most durable 9.1mm in the world, but we believe in real world testing, that's why we had Tommy Caldwell put the Icon through it's paces on the Diamond on Longs Peak, working on a 5.14 trad FFA at 13,000 feet. We were proud to hear that Tommy loved the rope and that it would be his new go to lead line for all of his projects, from El Capitan to the Diamond! He was impressed not only with how bomber it was for it's weight, but by how well it handled and how soft it caught his falls while working out moves. The Icon is available only at "As climbers we are always looking for ways to simplify. Everything in our kit must be durable, as light as possible. And work perfectly. The 9.1mm icon sets a new standard for a modern single line." –TOMMY CALDWELL