Alex Johnson


My Summer Vacation: Climbing in California by 10-year-old Jackson Tankersley.
There’s something magical about Yosemite’s beauty. It doesn’t make you forget your troubles entirely, but it sure takes your mind off them for a while.
My personal opinion is that, in the entire Bouldering World Cup Circuit, Eindhoven had some of the best route setting overall.
I’ve already had some mildly epic trips in my short nomadic life, but traveling with my family always seems to take the excitement to the next level.
I just watched the sun set in a vibrant display of pink, orange and purple, striping clear across the sky, a never ending glow on the horizon, and then rise again, emerging out of a husky blue, turning a light golden cherry,
Last weekend was the Boulder World Cup in Vail. Right now I’m back home in Wisconsin for about six days until I head out to Moscow for the next competition.
We just arrived in Vienna in the pouring rain and Kilian, Anna, Johanna, Heiko and I had to run straight to a press conference soaking wet. It was pretty intimidating.
Yesterday I arrived in Switzerland! It was pretty uneventful. Apparently I’m quite good at appearing lost or foreign because I rarely have to ask for help; people approach me.
Last weekend my mother and I flew to Salt Lake City for the Annual 2010 Winter Outdoor Retail Tradeshow.
The average temperature in Wisconsin in the winter stays below zero