Natasha Barnes beats a massive snow storm to grab an ascent of a proud Yosemite line.
Guest Blogger: Jackson Tankersley!
My Summer Vacation: Climbing in California by 10-year-old Jackson Tankersley.
Westward Escape
There’s something magical about Yosemite’s beauty. It doesn’t make you forget your troubles entirely, but it sure takes your mind off them for a while.
Almost one month ago, polish slackliner Jan 'Kudlaty' Galek and his Slackspirit Team - Damian 'Deamon' Czermak and Michal 'Korny' Korniewicz, travelled to the US with American Highliners, Faith Dickey and Jordan Tybon to meet
One second we will see climbers putting up big numbers and break-through ascents at an alarming rate. The next they will drop off the face of the planet for several months leaving some to question why. Our answer is simple,
He was a legendary dirtbagger who lived in Yosemite year round in spite of regulations preventing it. He was seen as the king of Yosemite's lifers and is considered a father to big wall climbing.
She has mesmerized the climbing community for nearly three decades. She was a four-time champion of the TV series Survival of the Fittest, which helped finance her nomadic lifestyle. In 1991, she was the first women to climb