Last weekend's World Cup in Vail, Colorado ended with Austrians Kilian Fischhuber and Anna Stohr taking first place.
With so many things happening in the climbing community it is often difficult to absorb it all. Here are three quick news items you can wrap your head around.
The 2009 Arco Rock Masters Event, dubbed the Wimbledon Cup of the climbing world, was held in Arco, Italy September 5th and 6th. The event takes scores from multiple disciplines of climbing including, lead, duel, speed and bo
Man or Machine? Patxi Usobiaga continues to blur the line and push the limit with training methods and comp excellence.
Teva Mountain Games, host of the IFSC Bouldering World Cup, dodged a bullet, as foul weather predictions proved false. The competition, held under an enormous tent drew the attention of thousand spectators, and brought togeth
Our sport needs visionaries, people who constantly search for the next thing. We could argue that it is the search that motivates climbers to train and evolve. Jamie Emerson is one of those noted pioneers who is constantly
DPM corespondant Anthony Lapomardo sits down with Sean McColl to find out if there is more to Canada than just maple syrup.