Slovenian Jernej Kruder has ticked the fourth ascent of The Story of Two Worlds (V15) in Cresciano, Switzerland.
Before I was struck by Paul doing the hardest moves in the world, the first thing that stood out to me was the color, quality and composition of the shots.
It is safe to say that most people don’t understand our grading system. Who would?
With all the top climbers migrating to Switzerland there seems to be a new update every other day.
The recent second ascent of The Story of Two Worlds by Dai Koyamada has re-sparked the issue of grade inflation in our community. No one is more versed on this topic than Dave Graham.
Unreported from mid May, 2010, Dai Koyamada has grabbed the much coveted second ascent of Dave Graham’s The Story of Two Worlds (V15).