Sasha Digiulian had a good day at Maple Canyon, Utah sending Millennium (5.14a) and more.
Audrey Sniezek has redpointed Porn Star (5.13d) at Little Si, Washington for its first female ascent.
Even during an intense east coast heat wave, Mike Foley was able to take down Jaws II.
Stefan Lavender, age 14, has just completed his first 5.14a, Galactic Emperor at Ten Sleep, Wyoming.
Just one week ago, training-for-climbing expert Eric Hörst and family loaded up the wagon and headed west for a month of climbing in Colorado and Wyoming.
Video of Jonathan Siegrist on Necessary Evil, Horse Latitudes and other hard lines in southern Utah. Video by Andy Mann
After his successful stint at Smith Rock, Jonathan headed to Little Si in Washington and finished off a long-standing open project.