Bluewater athlete Ashima Shiraishi returns to the Red River Gorge to tackle some of the Gorge's hardest lines including Lucifer and Southern Smoke.
Today, at the Red River Gorge, 11-year-old Ashima Shiraishi sent Southern Smoke (5.14c) and became the youngest person to tick the grade.
Nick wrapped up his spring trip to the Red River Gorge with a send of Lucifer (5.14c).
This past spring, Enzo put down most of the Red's hardest routes.
French climbers Enzo Oddo and Sebastien Bouin are climbing well at the Red River Gorge, Kentucky.
A quick compilation of multiple 5.14c sends from the past few days.
After putting in 3 days of effort, Sasha DiGiulian unlocked the moves on one of the Red’s most striking routes and claimed the first female ascent.