In Santa Linya, Spain, Joe Kinder has sent his 2nd 5.14d of the season and Jakob Schubert ticked five of the grade during his two week trip.
Joe Kinder has sent Seleccio Natural (5.14d) in the Santa Linya Cave and Jacopo Larcher sent Jungle Speed (5.14d) at Siurana.
The pint-sized Spaniard Ramon Julian is chucking laps on 5.15's in Catalunya.
Spanish climber Ramon Julian pushed through 100+ degree temperatures to send Catxasa (5.15a) in the Santa Linya Cave.
Silvo Reffo has claimed the first ascent of L'attimo in Italy and Mateusz Haladaj sent Direct into your Fabelita at Santa Linya, Spain.
Johanna Ernst has climbed her first 5.14c with Open Your Mind in Spain’s Santa Linya cave.