A film about the birth of steep sport climbing in America.
The new guidebook for Maple Canyon, Utah has just hit the shelves in time for the summer season. Author Dave Pegg presents some psyche-building photos.
After 30 years of aimless wandering, climbers now have a comprehensive guide to the bouldering in Joshua Tree National Park.
Peter Beal's new book proves to be an essential guide to the complex sport of bouldering.
"...Finding just the right prose to describe the stunning sandstone standing guard above the clear roaring rivers below, surreal in its steepness and bullet hard integrity might be a bit difficult…”
The story thread is easy enough—The inculpability of puppy love befalls a young boy when he begins to catch fleeting glimpses of the youthful phantasm innocently haunting his every dream.
Here is another selection of products that were showcased at the 2011 Outdoor Retailer Trade Show in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Orange Crush is a no-nonsense bouldering film that defines the genre, opening with a montage of impressive scenery, wild animals, flying dynos and sick crimps.