The 11-year-old phenom Ashima Shiraishi is visiting the Red River Gorge and sent God's Own Stone (5.14a) on her first day there. The next day, she flashed Omaha Beach (5.14a).
Joe Kinder sent Apex Predator in the Utah desert and Jon Cardwell took down Fifty Words for Pump at the Red.
Another outstanding project at the Red has fallen to local climber Adam Taylor
17-year-old Dylan Barks has climbed every route in the Red River Gorge's Madness Cave in a single day...without falling.
Nick wrapped up his spring trip to the Red River Gorge with a send of Lucifer (5.14c).
This past spring, Enzo put down most of the Red's hardest routes.
A quick rundown of quite a few hard ascents that happened over the past week.