Just two days after establishing the world's hardest sport climb, Adam Ondra has sent Chris Sharma's Fight or Flight (5.15b) at Oliana, Spain.
Today, Adam Ondra climbed what he's considering the world's hardest sport route, La Dura Dura in Oliana, Spain.
It wasn’t an onsight, maybe a flash…but Adam Ondra has done a 5.14d on his first attempt.
Oliana's most popular route of the year gets its fourth female ascent.
Daila Ojeda has redpointed her first 5.14c with Mind Control in Oliana, Spain.
Japanese World Cup competitor Sachi Amma has claimed the second ascent of Chris Sharma’s Pachamama at Oliana, Spain.
Arcteryx presents: Nina Caprez climbing the classic Fish Eye (5.14b) in Oliana, Spain.
Chris Sharma has sent two 5.15 routes in one day at Oliana, Spain.
Jakob Schubert wraps up an amazing week in Spain with a send of Chris Sharma’s Papichulo.