Yelawolf aka "Catfish Billy" is a Southern Hip Hop artist who is causing a ruckus in the Atlanta, GA underground music scenes.
Musicians, like athletes have peaks and valleys in their performance. Almost two decades ago, John Frusciante and his band mates, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, rocketed to the top of music charts worldwide with the release of B
You need bad lighting to listen to The Budos Band. This is the kind of music that requires a stiff drink, round sunglasses, and perhaps a cigar in order to properly enjoy it; some kind of tangible Listening Atmosphere.
Touted as the last great punk band, The Kills sound is a culmination of synth, goth, hard guitar riffs, and edgy lyrics spit by the guttery voice of American vocalist Alison Mosshart "VV" and band mate Jamie Hince "Hotel."
Hailing from the campus of North Carolina Central University, the one time trio of Little Brother has launched their newest album, Justus for All. The album is noticeable absent of one time member and producer, 9th Wonder, wh
Wild Sweet Orange’s Canvasback Music debut, WE HAVE CAUSE TO BE UNEASY, is a work of exquisite power. Its songs are propelled by edgy emotion and a cathartic yearning for connection. Tracks such as “Ten Dead Dogs”...
Hip-hop is not dead although white collared radio execs are doing their best to kill it with the Hip-POP, which dominates the radio waves throughout the Midwest all the way to California.
Self-described as the founder of “crunk rock,” pro snowboarder Trevor Andrew, aka Trouble, aka Billy Lotion, aka Trev Dirt, brings a unique sound to his music with influences from punk, hip-hop, and electronica...