Abbey Smith: October 2010 Blog
The hardest part about traveling is coming home. Nine hour long bus rides along India’s rotting roads, horns honking incessantly, diesel and dung filled air, sleeping in a tent for 40 days ...
Abbey Smith: The Zanskar Odyssey
The time has come for the Zanskar Odyssey to begin. As I write this, there are exactly 24 hours before Jason Kehl, Pete Takeda, Mick Follari and I board the plane bound for Delhi, India.
Cool video of Jason Kehl customizing his crash pad
Abbey Smith: May 2010 Blog
One of my biggest fears is getting lost in the labyrinth of clay roads that twist through the rugged Henry Mountains of Utah.
Jason Kehl Blog: Earth Treks Rock Comp
I spent the end of last month in Maryland, the place where I grew up. It was nice to get back and visit old friends and family, but my main objective of the trip was route setting for the UBC Earth Treks Roc Comp.
Jason Kehl Blog: End of the Hueco season
It’s the end of the Hueco season, so its time for me to move on. It was a great season though, especially since I’m just coming back from my knee surgery.