California climber, Dan Beall has sent one of Hueco Tanks' hardest boulder problems.
It is safe to say that most people don’t understand our grading system. Who would?
Dan Beall is a bit of a media recluse. He moves from one crag to another dispatching hard climbs and apparently no one knows who the guy is except his sponsors
Dan Beall recently sent one of America's hardest boulder problems then sat down with DPM to share his thoughts on Jade, V15, and what it takes to crush your projects.
Jimmy Webb took a break from southern sandstone to road trip out West, crushing every hard test-piece in his path.
Carlo Traversi Sending Jade
Numerous seasons of effort and many failed attempts have now been resolved with Carlo nabbing the 6th ascent of Jade.
On Thursday,September 24th, Phil Schaal, the Connecticut climber now residing in Boulder who made headlines last month for his surprising "darkhorse" ascent of Jade (V15), had another great day in Rocky Mountain National Park