Brian has been in Hueco for only a month and he has already ticked four V13’s.
Only two weeks into his trip Brad Weaver is having one of the best sending-fests of his climbing career.
Alex Puccio on Tequila Sunrise
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Hueco Rock Rodeo Clips 2010
Watch Daniel Woods send Loaded DiIrect (V12) and Carlo Traversi sending Bleeding Brothers (V12)
It should be no surprise to anyone that Puccio is continuing to dispatch Hueco’s double-digit classics. She recently added Tequila Sunrise (FFA) and Diaphanous Sea to her tick list.
February 2010
People always hate on Hueco Tanks for its strict regulations that hinder your freedom to climb wherever and whenever with your friends. Yes, there are restrictions and governing bodies limiting the numbers and access to the p
Charlie Barrett’s 10-day vacation to Hueco went…shall we say…extremely well. Since he last visited Hueco 7 years ago, the Bishop-local has made huge bounds as a climber (though he’s largely stayed under the radar).