Blasting through Bishop, California on her way back east for Christmas, Alex Johnson made a quick stop at the Buttermilks and flashed Luminance (V9).
Remember when it was cutting edge just to climb your age? Now you have to flash it.
In what was possibly the most publicized "non-send" of all time, Adam Ondra spent his flash attempt on Biographie (5.15a)...and fell.
Full video coverage of Sean's big day including his flash of Nagual (V13).
Adam Ondra flashes Fontainebleau's test-piece problem Gecko Assis (V14)
The past few days have seen some big sends in Fontainebleau, France with Adam Ondra’s flash of Gecko Assis (V14) and Paul Robinson’s first ascent of The Traphouse (V14).
Daniel Woods has completed the hardest flash ascent in bouldering history with a first try send of Entlinge (V14/15).