Part 2 of Nalle's trip including first ascents of V12 and V13 problems.
Part 1 of Black Diamond's series featuring Nalle in Mexico.
No one makes climbing headlines for snagging the 274th ascent of the polished 5.11 at your local crag.
Jonathan Siegrist has bolted and sent a new 5.14d route in the Fins of southern Idaho.
Petzl athlete Chris Sharma bolting and climbing a new line in Céüse, France.
In a remarkable climbing day, German Pirmin Bertle claimed the first ascent of Chromosome X and Chromosome Y (both 5.14d) in a little over one hour.
Watch the first ascents of Chromosome X and Chromosome Y
Dave Graham has claimed the third ascent of Paint it Black (V15) and put up a new V14 and multiple V13's in Colorado.