Daila Ojeda has been ripping through the sport climbing scene, attacking routes with focus and desire, wherein she will do anything she can to send the problem.
Isaac Caldiero is many things. He is an amateur geologist, a wandering philosopher, and sometimes during fits of desert heat he has been mistaken for the messiah (maybe it's the hair), but more importantly he is a ball of per
Adam Ondra reports back on his plans for Worlds and sets the community straight about grading and other controversy surrounding our sport.
Who is Alex Honnold? Not much was known about him until his soloing exploits began to popping up in climbing media platforms and advertisement about two years ago...
"Don't be Afraid if you See the Ladies Pissin' on Your Next Project!"- Colette McInerney is the type of girl who will let you know her name instead of allowing you to refer to her as "Joe Kinder's Girlfriend."
Can't find time to finish that project? Maybe next time? That hold feels greasy; the rubber on my shoe isn't sticking. How about, "I am a mother of 4, married, and a full-time nurse, I just don't have time to climb!"
Last week, over six hundred climbers pulled pockets and dropped coin at the 3rd annual Rocktoberfest in the Red River Gorge. Tents, music, the Sender Film Festival, and climbers from all over the world converged on the Red Ri