Dai Koyamada sent a new V15 in Switzerland and James Kassay has done a new extended version of the Wheel of Life in Australia.
Dai Koyamada has claimed the second ascent of Dave Graham's Chironico testpiece Big Paw (V15).
With all the top climbers migrating to Switzerland there seems to be a new update every other day.
VIDEO of Dai Koyamada in the Frankenjura
Unreported from mid May, 2010, Dai Koyamada has grabbed the much coveted second ascent of Dave Graham’s The Story of Two Worlds (V15).
After spending three days on the line Koyamada has bagged Remembrance of Things Past (V14) in Magic Woods.
We haven’t heard from Dai in a while but he popped up in Switzerland and has quickly dispatched a handful of the areas iconic lines.