Cool video of Jason Kehl customizing his crash pad
Louder Than 11 checks out some of the New River Gorge's remote, underdeveloped bouldering areas.
Wills Young has been holding down the eastside for years. His insight is well respected. We spoke to Wills about claiming first ascents, climbing the line, and the lack of ethics found in the new school climbers.
The climbing industry is filled with hundreds of products that are responsible for the safety and well being of climbers on a day-to-day basis.
Whether you’re cranking down on some tiny crimps or holding onto slopers for dear life, this pad will be there for you. It gives a lot without taking much cash from your wallet.
Charlie Barrett’s 10-day vacation to Hueco went…shall we say…extremely well. Since he last visited Hueco 7 years ago, the Bishop-local has made huge bounds as a climber (though he’s largely stayed under the radar).
After months of tying in Joe finally gave in to the urge to boulder and paid a visit to Hueco. At the end of his trip he walked away with the second ascent of Down in Flames V12, a problem only a route climber would dream abo