This morning, Adam Ondra finished his project in Norway's Flatanger Cave and is proposing the grade of 5.15c for the route.
Adam Ondra has redpointed to the mid-anchor on his big project in Norway's Flatanger Cave. The 'first pitch' is 5.15a.
Another day, another 5.14c onsight.
(Spoiler alert: This is another article about Adam Ondra being way better than everyone else.)
In what was possibly the most publicized "non-send" of all time, Adam Ondra spent his flash attempt on Biographie (5.15a)...and fell.
In Ceuse, France, Adam Ondra climbed Jungle Boogie (5.15a) and Jonathan Siegrist sent Coraux de la Vie (5.14c).
Gabriele Moroni has claimed the third ascent of The Essential (5.14d) in Germany's Frankenjura