Just two days after establishing the world's hardest sport climb, Adam Ondra has sent Chris Sharma's Fight or Flight (5.15b) at Oliana, Spain.
Chris Sharma has completed one of his long term projects at Spain's Santa Linya Cave: Stoking the Fire (5.15b).
Chris Sharma has sent two 5.15 routes in one day at Oliana, Spain.
Adam Ondra has completed the first ascent of Planta de Shiva (5.15b) in Malaga, Spain.
Adam Ondra claims a possible first ascent of the controversial Spanish route Chilam Balam.
Yesterday in Oliana, Spain, Adam Ondra claimed the first ascent of Shaxi Raxi (5.15b) and onsighted another 5.14c!
Adam Ondra has completed La Capella (5.15b) in Siurana, Spain.