Just two days after establishing the world's hardest sport climb, Adam Ondra has sent Chris Sharma's Fight or Flight (5.15b) at Oliana, Spain.
Today at the Red River Gorge, sheltered from the pouring rain by the massive overhang of the Bob Marley crag, Adam Ondra flashed Southern Smoke Direct (given 5.15a.)
Iker Pou has claimed the first ascent of Celedon (5.15a) in Ilarduia, Spain.
Adam Ondra has redpointed to the mid-anchor on his big project in Norway's Flatanger Cave. The 'first pitch' is 5.15a.
Another day, another 5.14c onsight.
The pint-sized Spaniard Ramon Julian is chucking laps on 5.15's in Catalunya.
More pictures have come in from the otherworldly landscape of Mt. Kinabalu on the island of Borneo in Southeast Asia.
Spanish climber Ramon Julian pushed through 100+ degree temperatures to send Catxasa (5.15a) in the Santa Linya Cave.
In what was possibly the most publicized "non-send" of all time, Adam Ondra spent his flash attempt on Biographie (5.15a)...and fell.