Watch Joe Kinder get psyched and send his project
On Monday, Daniel Woods climbed Moonshine (5.14d). The next day he claimed the first ascent of White Noise (V15).
Jonathan Siegrist on the first ascent of Idaho's hardest route.
Jonathan Siegrist has bolted and sent a new 5.14d route in the Fins of southern Idaho.
Diego Marsella has claimed the first ascent of a 9a (5.14d) in Sant Miquel del Fai, Spain and Mateusz Haladaj has done Sprawa Honoru (9a) in Dolina Kluczwody, Poland.
Over the past week, Enzo Oddo has climbed three 5.14d routes in France.
Lander local BJ Tilden has sent his 10 year project at Wild Iris and called it Moonshine (5.14d.) Updated with video footage!
The pint-sized Spaniard Ramon Julian is chucking laps on 5.15's in Catalunya.
More pictures have come in from the otherworldly landscape of Mt. Kinabalu on the island of Borneo in Southeast Asia.