Editorial Submissions

Editorial Submissions

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Submission Guidelines

Dead Point Magazine is published six times annually. Please submit all article proposals in a brief email, to editor@deadpointmag.com. It is helpful to be familiar with DPMs content and style before submitting a query. DPM will make every attempt to respond to your query as soon as possible – please be patient while we review all of the submissions for consideration.

Feature Articles

Dead Point Magazine encourages climbing stories and articles that encompass the climbing lifestyle. There is no topic pertaining to climbing we will not consider! We determine which stories to publish by uniqueness, talent, humor, and the visual appeal of the accompanying art or photos. Most of our features are 1,000 – 2,000 words, however, give us a good reason to print more or less and we will consider it.


DPM has thrown out the old format of loading up a publication with fluff filled departments. Instead, we have put together a layout that will be more enticing to the A.D.D afflicted society we live in today. However, if you do not find a department that fits your article, do not be afraid to submit! If we like it, we will find a way to include it in our magazine.


This is where the news is told! Get in touch with the scene, hear the gossip, and get the low down on what the haps’ is within the climbing community. This department includes breaking news, events, access, ascents, and any other newsworthy information. These articles should be approximately 50 to 500 words. Attaching an awe-inspiring photo with your article will definitely get our attention quicker. We are open to creative articles, but please remember to include the necessary details (who, what, where, when and why). Please send your queries to editor@deadpointmag.com

Hot Shots

Hot Shots is our opportunity to highlight climbing’s’ most inspiring imagery. Photos must be of impeccable quality and style and must inspire even the laziest of climbers to get off the couch. We welcome photos for our features and all other departments. Please do not send photos from a point and shoot or photos shot from your cell phone! Make a nice concise edit.

Email low res digital submissions to photos@deadpointmag.com. If we chose to use one of your photos, we will request a high-resolution image at that time. CDs with low res images can be sent to DPM, PO Box 927 Fayetteville, WV 25840. We will return your CDs if you send us a SASE (make sure a CD will fit into the envelope, and don’t forget to check the postage!)

IMPORTANT! All photo submissions are subject to DPM’s, terms and conditions and current rates. DPM will not honor the “Terms and Conditions” of any contributor for any unsolicited slides, film or prints.


DPM also publishes video within our online magazine. DPM only publishes videos pertaining to a department piece or feature articles. We encourage our writers and photographers to send video along with their feature article or department piece. Please send a query stating the nature of the video to editor@deadpointmag.com. Videos not pertaining to a feature or article maybe uploaded to our website for review.

IMPORTANT! All video submissions are subject to DPM’s, terms and conditions and current rates. DPM will not honor the “Terms and Conditions” of any contributor for any unsolicited slides, film or prints.


We will not tolerate jazz, country, lounge, opera, classical, polka, Zydeco, blues, R&B, or Pop. We encourage reviews of new or obscure music. Let us know why this has become your new climbing soundtrack! Please look at DPM’s format for music reviews before submitting. If your review inspires us to download the album, we will include your review in an upcoming issue.


Do you know of an unknown or known prodigy? What about an old decrepit hard-man or a woman who makes your projects look like a warm up? Has an eccentric icon helped sculpt the climbing scene in your area? Send us a query stating why you think the climbing scene should know this person, then bang out an interesting interview, and get a mug shot, and we will make them famous.

Final Pitch

Every issue we will publish a Final Pitch at the end of magazine. We accept funny stories, opinionated rants, poetry, or any other short piece that doesn’t fit into any other department. Please send your Final Pitch to editor@deadpointmag.com.