New Guidebook: The Wild and Scenic Obed
"...Finding just the right prose to describe the stunning sandstone standing guard above the clear roaring rivers below, surreal in its steepness and bullet hard integrity might be a bit difficult…”
5 years 14 weeks ago
Lies and Propaganda from Ten Sleep, Wyoming
Huey defined the mood and ambiance of the area by writing the most whacked out, entertaining guidebook on the market today.
5 years 31 weeks ago
Review: Better Than Chocolate
You just feel like you are outside, there among the boulders of Magic Wood or Chironico.
5 years 32 weeks ago
Supertopo: Yosemite Big Walls
Every page of this fantastic book reflects the quality and care SuperTopo is known for.
5 years 38 weeks ago
Classic Joshua Tree Routes and Bouldering: by Randy Vogel
Anyone who has ever climbed at Joshua Tree has had one thing to say about the original Vogel guides; “Damn, I wish this guide was better.”
5 years 39 weeks ago
CORE: A film by Chuck Fryberger
Like many ‘climbers’ these days I might spend more time watching climbing movies than actually climbing. I was understandably excited to pop in Chuck Fryberger’s latest offering, Core.
6 years 36 weeks ago