Zillertaler Hauptkamm

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During 7 days in July 2013, I made the complete traverse of the Zillertaler Hauptkamm, the main alpine ridge of the Zillertal valley. Around 50 km cover more than 20 peaks from 3000 to 3500 m, with long and steep rocky ridges in between. I always stayed on the main ridge, except for 300 m, where I bailed on the Floitenspitzen due to incoming bad weather. In total I took 60 hours, the 20 km approach and descent included, which shows how tricky the terrain (up to climbing grade V) sometimes was. I took all my material (15 kilos) along with me, and bivouacked on the ridge, except for a stop in the middle at the only hut: Schwarzensteinerhütte.