Triangular lake or How I break into season 2014

Uploaded by Mikheev_Andrey

Hi, everyone! Here is my new video! It tells the story of how I managed to break into season 2014 and how well I climbed on Triangular lake on May. After all, I managed to send the most difficult boulder in my life at the moment, this line is definitely going to sink deep into my mind. Sverhnovaya zvezda 8B - I believe that this great boulder deserves this high grade. I want to thank all the guys who climbed with me, spotted me, helped in the shooting and were beside me, without you guys there would not be so much fun!;) Boulders: Karel'skij drift, 7C (First ascent) Dobroy Nochi, 8A Sverhnovaya zvezda, 8A+/8B