Strictly Stressin Dirty Dirty vol 2 | Little Rock City

Uploaded by Apwelby

The next stop on our summer southern sandstone tour was the world famous Little Rock City in Chattanooga. This place has it all: roof crimping test pieces to sloping balancy slabs, heart-beating highballs to worthwhile lowballs, and of course The Shield! Watch Aidan Welby, Jeremy Abraham and Ben Mangelsdorf sample some of the classic moderates in the boulderfield and test their luck on their projects in the summer heat. Climbs: Incredarete v1, Two Can Sam v3, Ruby Roo v2, Art of the Vogi v4, Funkadelic v5, The New Mane Event v6, Eliminator v7, Spyro Gyro v7, Redhouse v7 Special thanks to Organic Climbing and Friction Labs Chalk!