Straight Out Of Africa - FEATURE LENGTH

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Brian Antheunisse, Scott Cory, Rob D'Anastasio and Dave Wetmore travel to Rocklands, South Africa on a bouldering safari. Follow the crew as they climb over 20 boulders from 7B to 8B, narrowly avoid being eaten by lions and all to a 1980's soundtrack! Boulders included: Amphitheatre (8A+) Au Bour d'Leau (8A) Black Mango Chutney (7C+) Black Shadow (8A+) Black Velvet (8A) Cedar Spine (7C) Gliding Through Waves Like Dolphins (8A) Golden Virginia (8A) Green Mamba (8A) Hole in One (7C+) Last Day In Paradise (7C+) Mooiste Meise (8B) Nutsa (8A) Oral Office (8A+) Paula Abdul (7C+) Pinotage (7C+) Power of One (8B) Roadcrew Arete (7B) Royksopp (8A) Shosholoza (8A+) Solar Power (7C+/8A) The Vice (8B) Witness the Sickness (8A) LIONS!!!!! © Louder Than 11 Melt Your Face Off