Stone Smith Holds: Climbing holds designed, carved and cast by Malcolm Smith

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After years of training hard on his own board and making quick work of some of the worlds toughest climbing challenges such as Dream Time 8b(+), A Monks Life 8b, Gut Buster 8b+ and Hubble f9a to name a few, Malcolm Smith has turned his eye to the craft of casting resin climbing holds. StoneSmith brings together Malcolm Smith climbing legend and The Climbing Academy. Malc carves holds and then they are tested on the Climbing Acadamy walls. The holds are made in the StoneSmith factory, just down the road from the TCA Bouldering Wall in Glasgow. That way the turn-round times are quick and the service is great. New holds are being carved all the time, so if you can’t see what you’re after right now, come back soon, it’ll probably be there. For more information go to