The Secrets of So iLL

Uploaded by FloatFaction

The Holy Boulders in Southern Illinois is home to some of the most perfect sandstone boulders in the world. While many people know of problems like Jungle Book and The New Zero, there are hundreds of other amazing problems hidden away in this amazing boulder field. This video attempts to shed some light on some of the other fantastic climbs at the Holies that may not be as well known. The Holies truly is a world class area! Special thanks to Organic Climbing. *** PLEASE DONATE TO THE ACCESS FUND TO HELP PROTECT WHAT'S HOLY! *** Problems: Far Nearer v6 (1:37), Odd Job v8 (2:08), Red Sea v6 (3:00), The Brown Cow v7 (3:59), Atlas v5 (4:45), King Solomon v7 (5:25), Cain and Ankle v8 (5:47), Big Meech (6:54), Evil Empyre v8 (8:19), Armageddon 5000 v10 (10:05) Climbers (in order of appearance): Ben Mangelsdorf, Aidan Welby, Dillon Lawrence, Jeremy Abraham, and a cameo from Travis Pagel Music: Trophies by Drake, Tammy's Song by Kendrick Lamar, Rich is Gangsta by Rick Ross, BTSTU (Edit) by Jai Paul