PSYCHED: Stone Fort

Uploaded by Connordykes

The PSYCHED climbing crew heads to Stone Fort (LRC) to throw down on some good old southern sandstone. The guys have a rough first couple of days with some rainy weather and bad conditions. Despite a bad beginning the crew enjoys some of the best climbing the dirty south has to offer. After chatting with a few locals and completing a few of the area classics the gang over hears talk of Dayton Pocket and quickly gains an appetite for the river side boulders. After ten days in the woods of Tennessee the boys head back to base camp and plan their next excursion. where will they go next? Keep an eye out for the next PSYCHED video to find out. Get PSYCHED! Climbs: Celestial Mechanics V7 Tennessee Thong V7 Castaway V7 A Face In The Crowd V7 Spanky V8 Grimace V8 Redhouse Extension V8 Shiver Me Timbers V8 Instinct Low V10 Riverdance V9 300 V9 Torpedo V7