PSYCHED Joes Valley

Uploaded by Connordykes

The PSYCHED climbing crew take off for the arid landscape of Joe's Valley Utah. Roadside boulders that litter the canyon floor and free camping where ever your heart desires are what make Joe's one of the best areas to live out of a van or take an extended trip. The rock is 10 mins away from town and the climber friendly Food Ranch will keep you stoked up on food, chalk, and guide books. If you wanna save some money wait till after 6 PM and grab the old food for super cheap. Here are some of the areas classics. Climbs: Angler V2 Worst Case Scenario V9 Anti-future Plan V8 Team Effort V8 Poseidon V8 No Substance V8 Resident Evil V10 Manifest Destiny V4 FA Nerve Substance V10 Fiery Furnace V10