Out of sight teaser III

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A Film by Neil Hart BUY the Film direct from outofsightthemovie.com in full 1080p HD widescreen 1920X816 The download version now comes with the extras from the DVD see teaser II here vimeo.com/68436176 see teaser I here vimeo.com/64101928 40 + boulders from 5c to 8c, including first ascents and second ascents of some rare and hard problems Fontainebleau is one of the most popular climbing destination on the planet, with thousands of boulders spread over hundreds of areas. From the classic areas of the Franchard and Cuvier to the less known areas of Buthiers and JA Martin Come follow a group of the worlds best climbers as they explore the most hidden beautiful boulders of this enchanted forest. They will take you on a journey to parts of the forest you have never heard of and boulders you have never seen, Not only that but boulders just off the paths in the main areas that are so beautiful but seldom climbed. If you are looking for coffee drinking, driving to the rocks, messing around and cooking shots, well this is not the film for you, this is pure climbing with respect to the nature and the forest Location, Hidden Fontainebleau Starring: Caroline Sinno, Chris Schulte, Nalle Hukkataival, Jacky Godoffe ,Daniel Olausson, Nicolas Favresse, Simon Kook Newstead, Guillaume Glairon-Mondet, Jo Montchausse, Barnaby Ventham ,Olivier Lebreton, Nora van Wassenaer, Kees Mak, Gerald Coste ,Bart van Raaij, Sandeep Kumar Maity and a special appearance from Fred Nicole and Clemont