Olmec Athlete Hunter sends "Butt Slammer" project on Flagstaff Mountain, CO

Uploaded by Olmec Apparel

I finally sent my ultimate project "Butt Slammer" V12?!!! For about 5 years I've been looking at the "Butt Slammer" project up Flagstaff Mountain in Boulder, Colorado and dreaming of the send. On November 9th, I finally finished this classic problem! In 1973 or 74 legend Rob Candelaria made the first ascent of this gorgeous line rating it V5/6. Soon after Rob's FA several crucial holds broke severely increasing the difficulty and scare factor of the climb and the climb remained unrepeated for almost 40 years!! The climb has a very sketchy and dangerous fall at the top so after the break nobody wanted to risk the fall but I did!!! I'm super stoked!!! Olmec Apparel: get outside...Here is the uncut footage of the send www.olmecapparel.com