Old School: Team Tough Climbing Rumney

Uploaded by dpm

This is a movie that I made some 20 years ago of Team Tough climbing in Rumney! I recently captured it from vcr video tape to digital. The video quality is rough. When I created it the only PC available was a Windows 3.1, (before win95 even lol) and I don't think video editing software even existed for the average end user. It was filmed on a 1st gen sony handicam, 8mm I think. The video contains several 1st ascents, such as Ward Smith on "Maui Wowie", 5.13a\b at Waimea, and "White Zombie", 5.12d at Monsters from the Id, Chris "Smitty" Smith on "The Luau" 5.12 a at Waimea & Me, (Dave Quinn) on the 1st ascent of "Cosmic Monsters", 5.12a at Monsters From The Id. Also on the movie is Ward Smith's attempt at the 1st ascent of his route "Concrete Jungle", 5.13c at Waimea, myself on an attempt of my route "Localmotion" 5.13a, at Waimea, and Paula King on "Great White" 5.12d, (before the hold broke). Of particular note is the abundance of hair, lycra tights, and poor technique, (except for Paula King of course, she always had great technique even back then)! So if you have an hour to kill, would like a good laugh and want to see a little of Rumney's earlier days sit back and enjoy! Again I apologize for the poor videography, video quality and heavy metal!
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