New Grampians Bouldering (2009-2012)

Uploaded by JS9999

For the last five years, Mike and Dave Kellermann, Mikey Forward and Sophie Vivian have been developing extensive new bouldering in the Grampians National Park. This video is a short teaser that focuses on just one of these areas. Unfortunately, the area suffered a severe bushfire in early 2013 which left large regions of the Park closed most of the year. The native flora and fauna is no where near recovered, and out of respect for the bush and at the request of Cliffcare we have been withholding the guide and will continue to do so until the new growth is established, erosion risk is diminished and until the native flora gets a firm hold against exotic species brought in on shoes etc. Please be patient! The Grampians is a huge place and there is always somewhere else to visit within the Park! With most first ascents done between 2009 and 2012, there are over 140 new developed problems with classics ranging from V0 to V12 and with many spectacular V14 projects for the future. Problems: "Mind Over Matter", V8, Dave Kellermann FA at The Mental Block (safe start*) "Styles That Fade Away", V5, Mike Kellermann FA at The Mental Block "Blood Meridian", V5, Sophie Vivian FA at The Crimson Cave * The low start to M.O.M. was done first and is V8+, but it's about ten times more dangerous and we don't want to encourage people to do it! (back breaking fall into the chasm at the beginning from the footwall). Pictured in the still is "A Puzzle About Belief", V12 FA by Dave Kellermann on The Philosopher's Stone, and "Who Designed The Designer?" project chalked to the right. Keep your eyes on for the updates.