"Momento Histórico" - First V14 in Brazil

Uploaded by Pedra Viva

Maybe some will say it’s a route. To Rafael Passos, it’s a boulder. And it would be the first of such graduation to be climbed in Brazil (still in November 2009, by himself). In this case, the chronological order is important: it represents a big milestone, a great achievement - we all know that the reminded and celebrated are always the firsts, the ones that dared. They are, at last, the ones who tamed the distant and unachievable, transformed the fantasy into concreteness. Explorers. Perhaps this is the best adjective to describe Rafinha. To us, obsessively passionate about climbing, what remains is a beautiful line, an extremely classic, gorgeous, hard climbing. Really hard. Now, since we’ve got the power of the words (and images), we say: cheers to the first V14 climbed in Brazil!