Mind Vice (Long)

Uploaded by JS9999

Mind-Vice (V12/13/14???) FA It took 2 days to figure out how to do the first move. Then 3 days and over 100 tries to send. I only stuck the first move 4 times in those 3 days. The third time I stuck it I broke a hold on the last move and had to adapt the beta. The fourth time I stuck it, I sent. Maybe the lowest percentage single move I have ever done. An exercise in pure stubbornness. It is lowball and maybe a bit uninspiring, but I got sucked into the complexities of the first move. I would be really curious about opinions on the grade. Maybe there is alternate beta? I feel like I tried everything, but who knows. It is the obvious prow on the same boulder as Galaxy Squid/ Oven Mitts. Right by Sun Bear on Guanella Pass.