Magnus Midtbø vs. Neanderthal

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Magnus Midtbø - 26 attempts on Neanderthal and counting. In a huge cave near Santa Linya in Spain, which once used to be the home of Neanderthals, you now find one of the best climbing crags in the world. Decorated by several climbing routes, “The Neanderthal” stands out as the hardest route in the cave with its 50 meters stretching to the very top. It’s graded to be 9b level of rock climbing, after Chris Sharma first ascended the route in 2009. And it’s yet to be repeated. Magnus Midtbø started on the project of sending Neanderthal last year. Magnus, professional climber and Norrøna ambassador, is competing in competitions as well as doing his own projects. This year he is back in the cave for a second try on the route. You'll see him in our falketind line. Check out the whole product range at