Lincoln Lake GIANTS!

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Lincoln Lake GIANTS is a story about climbing in the high country of Colorado. Mt. Evans is a world renowned bouldering destination and the newest development has been at Lincoln Lake near the summit of the 14,000 Ft Mountain. In Chapter 1, we witness our heroes braving the rugged tundra of Mt. Evans to clash heatedly with the most inspiring blocks of granite they can find. Unbeknownst to them, large, ill-spirited residents of the lake lurk nearby. In Chapter 2, our heroes again seek boulders to conquer, mauling their skin and spilling blood on the way to their noble achievements! Following the grisly discovery of a certain boney pelvis, they realize there is more to Lincoln Lake than they could have ever imagined. Chapter 3 portrays our heroes slaying yet more classic boulders! Sadly, the slayers become the slain, as a resident Giant (of the Lincoln Lake species) begins terrorizing the unlucky climbers. Much blood is shed from our heroes' shapely, toned bodies. Even so, their deaths arrive awash in honor, ridden with glory. In Chapter 4, our two remaining climbers experience a massive resurgence of psych, even in the wake of their friends' atrocious murders. The surrounding boulders are simply too enticing. And fortunately for one of our heroes, even a member of the vicious race of Lincoln Lake Giant can display forgivable amicability. ~words by Connor Griffith Chapter 1 - Chapter 2 - Chapter 3 - Chapter 4 - Melt Your Face Off. Produced by Jon Glassberg Directed by Jon Glassberg Jordan Shipman Story by Jon Glassberg Jonny Hork Kevin Jorgeson Jordan Shipman Ryan Silven Carlo Traversi David Tucker David Wetmore Max Zolotukhin Video by Jon Glassberg Jordan Shipman Ryan Silven Carlo Traversi Max Zolotukhin Edited by Jon Glassberg Jordan Shipman Visual FX by Jordan Shipman Music by Brent Fosdick Nicolas Sherman Boulder Problems Bayonet (V4) - Max Zolotukhin FA Cutlass (V10) - Jon Glassberg FA Locust Lawn (V6) - Jon Glassberg FA Lincoln Pinch (V8) - Carlo Traversi FA Lincoln Turd (V5) - Ryan Silven FA Rebel Yell (V3) - Kevin Jorgeson Northern Aggression (V8) - Max Zolotukhin (FA) Powder Keg (V7) - Jon Glassberg Rebellion (V9) - Kevin Jorgeson (FA) Trail of Tears (V9) - Jon Glassberg (FA) Honey Badger (V12) - Jon Glassberg Shot Tower (V5) - Ryan Silven (FA) Exfoliator (V13) - Carlo Traversi Small Arms (V12) - Carlo Traversi (FA) The New Slavery (V3) - Max Zolotukhin (FA) A Bloody Lineage (V9) - Ryan Silven (FA) Take it to the Grave (V12) - Jon Glassberg (FA) Bull Run (V7) - Jon Glassberg (FA) Confedarete (V7) - Kevin Jorgeson (FA) Sponsored by Revolution and Pusher In Association with Five Ten Special Thanks to the Spot Bouldering Gym!
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