Kevin Cuckovich Sunseeker 6th Ascent

Uploaded by Jackalope

Four years after the first 3 ascents, and a few days after Ethan Pringle's 4th ascent, Sunseeker at Area B, Mount Evans, Colorado, had a big day out. Kevin Cuckovich, who has began projecting the climb earlier this Spring, returned with a bunch of friends and Sunseeker saw its 5th (Dave Barrans), 6th (Kevin Cuckovich), 7th (Another strong British guy) and 8th (Kevin Jorgeson) ascents. It was probably the last good snow day of the season (for it's getting warmer and warmer and the landing will soon be just jagged rocks) and it was the biggest day this hard and committing highball has had. Congrats to all who climbed it!