Hunter sends V10 with a broken finger

Uploaded by Olmec Apparel

Olmec Apparel co-founding owner, artist, and athlete Hunter Damiani has continued his recent rampage with a second attempt send of the Satellite Boulders classic, Flesh Fest V10, in Boulder, Colorado. On his flash attempt Hunter cracked the bone in his ring finger on his left hand due to crimping to hard. When the bone cracks he doesn't fall but continues to climb through the crux falling while throwing for the jug. Not knowing of the injury yet Hunter immediately gets back on the problem and sends. Two hours later his finger began to swell and bruise. Hunter discovered that he had not fully snapped his bone but cracked it from extreme stress and exertion of force. Sadly Hunter can't climb for at least the next month but well done on the send and execution Hunter and we hope for you a very fast recovery...keep crushing. music by Ludacris "Growing Pains" instrumental