Hunter Damiani sends "Authentic Battle Damage" V12

Uploaded by Olmec Apparel

Check out this video: Four months ago Olmec athlete Hunter Damiani Art broke his knuckle while crimping...his finger is finally feeling climbable on slopers so Hunter put three days in at the Spot Gym Bouldering Gym to feel out his injury and then it was off to Boulder Canyon. Being as crimpers and big throws are still a little ify he decided to look for something slopey (his anti-style). He went to the boulders with very low expectations and just super stoked to finally be outside again with his climbing buddies! To his surprise Hunter snagged a very quick send of one of his hardest climbs yet, "Authentic Battle Damage" V12. Looks like his training on Kilter Climbing Grips is paying off! Congrats Hunter stoked to have you back where you belong, outside!!!