Uploaded by Carlo Traversi

One of the strongest rock climbers in the world, Carlo Traversi, returns to Southern Switzerland in the Fall of 2012 to pay homage to his ancestry and leave his mark on the world class boulders of the region. After a month of repeating some of the hardest lines in Magic Wood, he ventures south to the valleys of Ticino where he makes the first ascent of one of the most aesthetic boulders in the world. With his 3 month European travel visa due to expire, his last remaining projects refuse to fall after relentless effort. A return trip would be required. In March of 2013, Carlo travels back to polish off some unfinished business. Following a rare ascent of The Story Of Two Worlds, he manages to make the first ascent of one of the last great projects in Brione, naming it The Kingdom and proposing the heavy grade of 8C/V15. Featured Ascents by Carlo Traversi: • The Kingdom 8C/V15 (First Ascent) • Story Of 2 Worlds 8C/V15 (5th Ascent) • In Search Of Time Lost 8C/V15 (3rd Ascent) • Practice Of The Wild 8C/V15 (5th Ascent) • Heritage 8B+/V14 (First Ascent) • Mystic Stylez 8B+/V14 (3rd Ascent) • New Base Line 8B+/V14 • Vecchio Leone 8B/V13 • One Summer In Paradise 8B/V13 • Limited Edition 8A/V11 ...and many more. Also featuring the 2nd Ascent of Momentum 8B+/V14 by Jan Hojer