Gimme Kraft! The secret training files of Wolfgang Güllich

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Here's a short trailer of a very special bonus on the dvd that comes with the Gimme Kraft! book in autumn 2013: Unseen video footage of Wolfgang Güllich's training that his Professor Weineck recorded, one of the world's leading experts for training. Mr. Weineck gave us an insight in Güllich's training attitude and opened his video archive for us. The entire interview will be part of Gimme Kraft! Your next training bible for power training for climbing with: Sasha DiGiulian, Fred Nicole, Mélissa le Nevé, Babsi Zangerl, Alexander Megos, Stefan Glowacz, Johanna Ernst, Guntram Jörg and Bernd Zangerl. Authors: Patrick Matros & Dicki Korb Production: Hannes Huch | Café Kraft