Four in Font - Bouldering in Fontainbleau

Uploaded by Eliot Stephens

In late 2013 I spent 4 days bouldering in the world famous area of Fontainbleau, France. The weather during these four days was less than ideal, which meant most of the climbing done was on very non-font style problems. However, what made the trip special was the people I travelled with and the fun times that were had. If the climbing footage bores you stay tuned for the credits for a few 'interesting' moments! Problems Featured: Le Toit Du Cul Du Chien - 7A - Cul Du Chien Le Barre Fixe Assis - 7B+ - L'Elephant Unknown - 6A - Buthiers Magic Bus - 7B - Buthiers Rocking Chair - 7A - Rocher Canon Unknown - 7A? - Franchard Cuisiniere Beatle Juice - 7A+ - Franchard Cuisiniere Big Jim - 6C - Petit Bois Duroxmanie - 6C - Bas Cuvier Tranche De Lard - 6B - Franchard Cuisiniere Festin De Pierre - 7A - Bas Cuvier Le Carnage - 7B+ - Bas Cuvier Music: Run Through The Jungle - Creedence Clear Water Revival La Vie En Rose - Louis Armstrong Gimme Shelter - The Rolling Stones Everybody's Gotta Live - Love House of The Rising Sun - Animals