The Forest: Bouldering on the Blue Ridge Parkway

Uploaded by Vertical Sandbox Productions

This winter inspiration has been found in an area known as 'The Forest' just 18 miles south of Afton on the Blue Ridge Parkway. The quality of the greenstone as well as the variety of lines and features make this 3 1/2 hour day trip (from Richmond) more than worth it every time. We brought the camera out on an early winter morning to showcase a sampling of chill established lines, just the tip of what The Forest has to offer. We were greeted by an ominous fog saturating even the steepest of overhangs. Come mid morning the sun won out and it was time to chalk up. Shot/Edited Robin Pyle Music 'Redwoods' by Brice Woodall Climbers Eric Mahan Phin Generelly