FontaineBleau 2012

Uploaded by Schim productions

A film from our trip to Fontainebleau 2012. 9 amazing days in Fontainebleau this september of 2012, with my family, little Alva, Rikke and our good friend Bjørn. Climbers: Rikke Ishøy Bjørn Iisager Kim Nilsson Some of the boulderproblems in this movie: # Jet Set - 7a # Le Mandarin (droite) - 7a? # Action Directe - 7a # Dernier Probléme - 7a (Not like in the movie, where it says Dermier Probléme) # Duroxmanie - 6c # couple of Black circuit problems # plus some other fun problems in Laforêt Video editing made by Kim